Seven Chakra Chip Bracelet


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Seven Chakra Chip Bracelet. The Chakras are the seven power points in the human body that circulate energy or the life force.  If the Chakra are unbalanced or not properly aligned  – it can affect physical and mental health. The spiritual development is also connected with the chakra. These 7 chakra products are perfectly designed to balance all chakra with the help of crystal’s healing properties.

the seven chakra crystals connects the energy and balances your Chakras together – here are the meaning of each crystal associated in the bracelet.

  • Amethyst – Crown: enhances Wisdom, Clarity of Mind, Intuition, Spiritual Awareness, Calmness, Meditation and Serenity.
  • Lapis Lazuli – Third Eye: enhances Intuition, Awareness, Truth, Wisdom, Intellectual Ability, Memory and Deep Communication.
  • Apatite – Throat: enhances Psychic perception, Concentration, Memory skills, Public speaking, Group Communication, Positivity and Enthusiasm.
  • Peridot – Heart: enhances patience, mental and emotional clarity, happiness, sleep, confidence and emotional balance.
  • Citrine – Solar Plexus: enhances self-confidence, creativity, healing energy, self esteem, motivation, inner calm, security and the release of negative feelings/anxieties/fears.
  • Carnelian – Sacral: enhances motivation, clarity of mind, meditation, concentration, memory, self confidence, vocal expression, peace and harmony, and courage.
  • Garnet – Base: enhances Romantic Love, Passion, Strength, Courage, Creative Energy, Truth and Faith.