Rose Quartz Angel Wing Necklace


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these stunning Rose Quartz Angel Wing Necklace will invite the Angelic connection to your world, keeping you safe and protected. Beautiful genuine crystal jewellery set in high quality surgical stainless steel. Rose Quartz Angel Wing Necklace.

My Guardian Angel- Divine Light and Angelic Light
You don’t need to look for me, I am already by your side.
You don’t need to remind me of your name, I know it very well.
I have loved you, watched over you, protected you, guided you, since the day you were born.
I will always be by your side, with my angelic light and unconditional divine love.
Hold me in your hand and feel our unbreakable bond, until the day we meet.

CRYSTAL MEANING – Rose Quartz is spiritually the stone of unconditional love and peace. It is believed to enhance and attract love. It is the most important crystal of the heart and the heart chakra. It is believed to open up the heart to self-love and bring calmness, reassurance, deep peace and inner healing. It’s believed to promote and enhance all kinds of love, family love, sibling love, partner love and friendship love.