Pink Amethyst On Stand


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This stunning Pink Amethyst Cluster on stand is absolutely divine with the intense energy that radiates from this little beauty. Sourced from the amazing world of Southern Brazil. It’s the perfect piece for collectors or a gift. Pink Amethyst is considered as a rare crystal

Heart Healing
Pink Amethyst is the feminine version of purple Amethyst, Spiritually pink Amethyst is also known as a negativity blocker as well as aiding in inner peace and calmness. Pink Amethyst draws all the energy and benefits of Purple Amethyst spiritually helping heal the sadness or any other heartfelt issues. Belonging to the Heart Chakra it’s overall heart-healing for any sadness, heartbreak or loss. It’s spiritually a very calming crystal helping protect you against any emotional stress as well as bringing a sense of calmness to everyday life chaos. A movement toward emotional balance and overall peace. As a protection stone, Pink Amethyst is thought to instill feelings of understanding, calmness, trust, and grace. Feelings of security and protection from its connection with the divine realms.
SIZE: 13CM ON STAND in height – Crystal size: 7cm x 6cm