Lolite Chip Bracelet


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When this stunning Iolite catches the light, the colour can vary from sapphire blue, blue-violet and light blue with a hint of yellowish-grey.  This optical phenomenon in iolite was believed to be used by Viking mariners as the world’s first polarising filter.

Iolite is a vision stone and is said to help us gain inner wisdom, bring courage and unlock spiritual abilities. Iolite resonates with the energy of twilight, a beautiful violet-blue that stimulates astral bodies and psychic awareness. It reveals realms beyond the usual waking consciousness and is ideal for astral projection, dimensional and other inner vision works, and is excellent for past- and alternate-life work. Iolite is a stone of the muses, activating the visionary, creative side of the mind, and accessing thoughts and ideas beyond the ordinary. It inspires creative self-expression through writing, song, movement and other artistic endeavours.

Use Iolite to strengthen family dilemmas. Place in the living area if sibling rivalry or the presence of a new step-parent is causing a child to feel excluded. Use Iolite if family members have over-high expectations of you, or if your career path was chosen for you because of family connections. As an amulet, Iolite brings travellers safely home. Give a piece of Iolite jewellery or a tumble stone as a farewell gift to students leaving home or emigrating family members. Iolite aids in understanding and releasing the causes of addiction, allowing for the expression of one’s true self, freed from the expectations of others.