Golaka Incense – Chakra Sahastrara


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Sahastrara ‘Spirit’ Crown Chakra

Goloka Sahastrara ‘Spirit’ Chakra Incense Sticks are hand crafted with natural herbs, resins and oils.

  • Sahastrara Chakra: Seventh Chakra
  • Color: Gold
  • Fragrance: Lotus, Safron
  • Principal: Deals with Universal Consciousness and intuition
  • Sense: Spirit

These are divine fragrances for the soul. Try the full range of this magnificent masala incense blend of various Chakra fragrances.

Ingredients: A rare blend of Herbs, Aromatic roots, Spices, Natural Oils, resins & extracts.

Hand rolled in India. No child labour used. No animals byproducts. Non-toxic

Each pack contains approximately 10 sticks with a burn time of 50 minutes approx.