Blue Aragonite RAW 1pc


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CRYSTAL MEANING: As well as sharing the same transformative and chakra balancing properties as normal Aragonite, Blue Aragonite helps one calm and soothe their emotional body. Simply holding a piece will imbue one’s aura with a sense of relief and relaxation that can’t be put into words. One becomes more open with themselves and their “hidden” emotions, slowly over time releasing these weights to the surface to be faced.

Blue Aragonite is a very special stone that is here to soften emotional transitions. This could stem from traumatic events that we refuse to deal with to mourning the loss of someone and not being able to cope with grief, as well as just having trouble getting over a recent falling out in a serious relationship. This stone will become your best friend in times of need as it will “soften” even the most hurtful emotions and events we relive the day in and day out. Working with or carrying this stone daily will provide one aura with powerful vibrations that can even be felt by the ones closest to us.

PLEASE NOTE: EACH piece ARE DIFFERENT SHAPES & SIZES DUE TO THE CRYSTAL FORMATION – this makes your piece unique and different