Balance & Calmness – Himalayan Salt & Crystal Pack


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These stunning Balance & Calmness Amethyst Himalayan Bath Packs will enhance the self-love and cleansing you need.

Each pack is hand made using AAA grade Crystals with 100% Pure Himalayan rock salt chunks ethically sourced from mother nature. The benefits of bathing in Himalayan Salt can ease aches and pains, improves quality of sleep, treats skin conditions, replenish minerals into your body and cleanses the dead skin while increase feelings of contentment and emotional health.

Each pack includes: 2x RAW Himalayan Salt Chunks, 1x RAW AAA Grade Amethyst Rough, 1x Amethyst AAA Grade Tumbled Stone, Hessian Bag and Crystal Meanings.

Our packs are simple to use and ready to go! Just fill your bath to the desired temperature, add the salt chunk in the corners of the bath followed with the Amethyst Raw. Hold the tumbled stone in your hand or close to your heart, as you soak in the cleansing salt and crystals – set your intentions to fill your heart, body and soul with balance and calmness, allow the energy of Amethyst fill your body and the healing properties it has to offer. This is the perfect cleansing ritual. The perfect gift for all!