Amethyst Cluster – Small A GRADE


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Amethyst is the perfect crystal for calmness, sleep and psychic protection – It’s gentle energy will help treat insomnia while raising your vibrational energy, the shimmers radiating from the Amethyst will light up any space with new vitality. Amethyst is essential for any crystal healer.

It is believed to cleanse and heal, helping us to be creative, spiritually aware and healthy. It can be used to block negative energies in the environment, relaxing the mind and relieving stress. These clusters are a perfect size to add anywhere in your home or sacred space.

Our Staff will ensure we choose the best piece of Amethyst Cluster for you! These Amethyst Clusters does not come in a set of four, just one piece per order!

SIZE / DIMENSIONS: Weight: up to 100 – 200g APPROX – Please note, colours may vary slightly due to the natural crystal.