925 SS Seed Of Life Patterned Ring 20mm


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Create the bohemian style to your life with this sacred Sterling Silver Seed Of Life Patterened Ring – symbolizes the interconnection of life on Earth and universal existence. Made out of 925 Sterling Silver

SIZE: 925 SS Patterned Ring 20mm 


Ring Size Chart

Most jewellery retailers in Australia go by number sizing, however sometimes letters are used.
The most common sizes for Ladies are sizes 7 & 8 and for Men it is a size 10.

Our rings are generally available in sizes 6 to10 in ladies rings and 9 to 14 in men’s rings



J 5 15.7mm 49.3mm
L 6 16.5mm 51.8mm
N 7 17.3mm 54.4mm
P 8 18.1mm 56.9mm
R 9 18.9mm 59.5mm
T 10 19.8mm 62.1mm
V 11 20.6mm 64.6mm
X 12 21.4mm 67.2mm
Z 13 22.2mm 69.7mm
14 23.0mm 72.3mm