Alex Morgan

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Alex Morgan

Alex Morgan

Psychic Medium | Clairvoyant | Numerologist | Reiki Master & Teacher | Access Bars | Chakra Balancing | Tarot Reading


Alex is a Psychic Medium, Clairvoyant, Tarot Reader, Numerologist, Reiki Master & Teacher, International Radio Guest and exhibitor at the Mind Body Spirit Festivals.

Alex Morgan – Psychic Medium, Clairvoyant, Tarot Reader and Channeler (born August 31st, 1999) is a Psychic Medium from Melbourne, Australia. Being a young Psychic Medium, Alex’s life hasn’t been the easiest experience by learning the meaning of life and understanding the importance of our soul’s mission in this dimension.

Being a Psychic Medium allows me to connect with your past loved ones bringing through closure and unanswered questions that you may have. Alex also uses a combination of Numerology, Tarot and Psychic senses to provide answers to your questions.

On the verge of suicide and moving to nine different schools Alex was unhappy and suffered from illnesses. In 2014 – 2016 he opened his eyes to Crystals, Meditations, and Tarot and the journey began.

Today he has helped many clients by giving them guidance and support with issues they may be facing, predictions of whats to come and channeled messages from spirit, Alex also does Paranormal tours and ghost hunts, traveling around Australia and other locations for events and expos.

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