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Clary Iaria

Clary Iaria

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Clary Iaria – was born 12 of May 1999, in the small town of Varapodio, province of Reggio Calabria in South of Italy. Clary moved to Australia in 2012, the place where her journey would begin.

Growing up, she had a tough time. Being constantly put down by people around her in her everyday life, she vowed to herself from the very beginning that she would do everything in her power to help others who felt the same as her in her lowest moments.

Although young, Clary has much life experience in many different domains and has learnt from her spiritual experiences and guides around her. Being intuitive from a young age allowed her to expand her gift of communicating with people who have passed on quite quickly.

Her true spiritual awakening started after an eye experience at 16 years of age. After a rough patch with her self-worth and confidence, her great grandmother Teresa visited her, providing her comfort and safety.

Since then, Clary began practising her skills and sharing her gifts with her friends and family, in preparation for sharing with the rest of the world. Today, Clary is the successful owner and creator of The Wishing Bull, providing you with healing, guidance and exclusive goodies for you to experience.

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